Did Walensky Admit to Vaccine Deaths?

Did Walensky Admit to Vaccine Deaths?

Do we have it straight out of the horse’s mouth?

For months, patriots have been smeared as “conspiracy theorists,” and even as terrorists and criminals, for pointing out the obvious harm being done by the COVID jab.

Ever since people started receiving it, heart conditions have gone through the roof, otherwise healthy people are suddenly dying, and even strong athletes are collapsing on the field.

And in a mostly overlooked recent interview on PBS NewsHour, it appears that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was just about to admit what we’ve known all along.

During a segment about COVID, Walensky said:

“Our death rates are too high. And here’s what we know, we know that the people who are dying from this vax — from this, uh, disease are 11-fold more likely to pass…”


Walensky was clearly about to say “people who are dying from this vaccine.”

Now, leftist “fact-checkers” would surely jump to her defense to say that it was just a slip of the tongue, and that she actually meant COVID deaths.

But even if it was a “slip,” it was certainly what they call a Freudian slip.

The government “experts” pushing this jab are not stupid. They know the truth. They have access to the real numbers.

Their jab is killing people, they know it’s killing people, and they keep forcing it upon us anyway. Because they just want control and do not care if people have to die in the process.

Of course, we don’t even need Walensky’s accidental admission to know the truth ourselves.

According to OpenVAERS, a free service which aggregates data from the CDC’s/FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, at least 856,917 adverse reactions have been reported from the COVID jab, of which 18,078 were deaths, as of October 29, 2021.

Source: OpenVAERS

The actual number of injuries and deaths is almost certainly much higher, mind you, because these figures only reflect the people who are actually aware of VAERS and went through the trouble of filing a report. VAERS is not widely advertised and it can be cumbersome to file a report, which is exactly how they want it.

Any other drug or product with even a minuscule fraction of these reported deaths would have been recalled and investigated a long time ago.

But vaccines are an exception, because the COVID jab provides the perfect trade-off for the evil and corrupt establishment: Big Pharma rakes in big profits, and the government is able to control people.

Nevertheless, let’s be clear — our duty as patriots is not merely to demand that this “vaccine” be optional. We must demand that it be banned. This carnage is nothing less than a crime against humanity.


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