FBI Dramatically Escalates Repression With Brutal Raid on Colorado Mom

FBI Dramatically Escalates Repression With Brutal Raid on Colorado Mom

They get more and more brazen by the day.

Ever since the January 6 protest against the stolen election, the FBI has been out in full force, barging into the homes of political dissidents in terrifying pre-dawn raids.

First, they came for the Capitol protestors.

Then, they came for Project Veritas journalist James O’Keefe, to cover up Ashley Biden’s scandalous diary.

And now, this tyrannical administration is finally following through on its threat to pursue everyday parents and citizens.

On Tuesday, November 16, the FBI stormed into the home of Sherronna Bishop, a homeschool mother from Grand Junction, Colorado.

Bishop is a vocal and active patriot in her community, fighting against leftists on the local school board as well as election fraud in her county.

In an interview with Mike Lindell TV, Bishop recounted the raid on Tuesday morning:

“There was some pounding on my door. I didn’t really know what to think, I thought at first it might be some neighbor kids. They were pounding profusely, and then it hit me it was the FBI. I took my kids to their bedrooms. They used a battering ram to bash down my door, they cuffed me. And then proceeded to search and go through my whole home.”


The agents also treated Bishop’s teenage daughter with outrageous brutality, dragging up her the stairs while shackling her.

It is not entirely clear at this time whether the FBI raid was related to her activism against the school board, or election fraud, or both.

However, seeing that the FBI’s search warrant accused Bishop of “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer,” Bishop’s support of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters may have something to do with it.

Tina Peters has been viciously attacked for working to preserve evidence of election fraud on the voting machines in her county.

In fact, FBI agents raided Peters’ home on the same day they raided Bishop.

Bishop also seems to believe that her election integrity activism was a main reason for the raid:

“I will tell you why: they were at my home to intimidate me, to shut me up, because I was using my First Amendment rights to advocate for [Mesa County Clerk] Tina Peters on the issue of Dominion [voting machines] and the damage done in our election. And they’ll never be held accountable. Instead, they will criminalize this woman who has stood up.”


However, it is highly likely the FBI also relished the opportunity to terrorize Bishop for her fight against leftist school boards.

FBI emails released this past week confirmed that parents are indeed being monitored and targeted as domestic terrorists, exposing Merrick Garland as a liar for denying this was taking place.

This resulted from the National School Boards Association actively conspiring with the White House to “request” FBI persecution of concern parents.

As Sherronna Bishop’s interviewer observed, she may be the first parent who was actually raided by the FBI as part of this repression campaign:

“I believe you will go down in history as the first mom targeted. The FBI has said it plans to do this and I believe you are the first mom to have this done to you. Mask mandates, opposing critical race theory, election theft, which Biden said if you question that you are involved in subversion. But I believe you are the first mom to have been targeted and had your door literally busted down while you were homeschooling your kids.”


Fortunately, Bishop appears to be undeterred by the brutal raid, and vowed to continue her fight:

“I know people will say, ‘well Sherronna, why don’t you just shut your mouth’ … That’s exactly what they hope you will do. I can open my mouth and say whatever I want to say and that is not a criminal action. This is about their desire to shut you down and stop you from saying it. … We’ve got to stick together and we can’t let these thugs put us into fear and intimidation.”


With the raid on Sherronna Bishop, this administration has escalated its ruthless tyranny to a whole new level. If you so much as speak for election integrity and against leftist indoctrination in your own community, you could be the next target.

The United States of America now has its very own Gestapo. It is happening here.

In the face of what could be very dark days ahead, we must be strong and courageous patriots like Sherronna Bishop. People like her are America’s last hope.

“The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.” (Psalm 37:12-13)


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